Claire Jones has written eight fully-scripted murder mystery stage plays for am-dram groups and some prepared unscripted formats to be performed in various venues.

Murder Mystery supper evenings are extremely popular, and are a very good way to raise funds as audiences love them and they are also good fun to perform.
All take pace in contemporary settings and are designed around bar & supper breaks.  They all involve the audience in many ways, the most important of which is guessing “who-dunnit” … possibly winning a prize!

These stage plays are fully scripted and require good ensemble playing for full effect. Eight Murder Mystery scripts with a choice of endings and audience participation with Supper Breaks & Bar Breaks

Formats for improvisation, all with Contemporary Settings.
Four Murder Mystery Formats for  suppers and events.

Both STAGE PLAYS and FORMATS have a choice of endings (culprits & clues). These are sent with the performance licence.
Fully-scripted murder mystery stage plays for amateur groups
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