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A member of Westoning Players, in Bedfordshire, for over thirty years, Claire Jones only began writing plays for adults in 1998.  Before that as a junior and lower school teacher she had written short plays for school productions, but began to realise that she enjoyed writing for adults when she entered a county competition for a WI sketch (although she didn't win!)
The first play Claire wrote was an adaptation of  Dickens' A Christmas Carol which she enjoyed directing for Westoning Players. 

In the year 2000 she wrote her first murder mystery script Hit for Six (now known as Out for a Duck) which was performed as a Millennium production for Westoning Village Hall funds. It proved to be so popular that she wrote seven more scripts and also developed some murder mystery formats for groups who want to be more flexible and perform as part of the guests at dinners and functions (no lines to learn - only character backgrounds, motivations and clues)

Groups all over Britain have been performing her murder mysteries for over fifteen years now, and they keep coming back for more.
Fully-scripted murder mystery stage plays for amateur groups
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