HOLIER THAN THOU    3M/4F + 1 inspector (m or f)
A similar setting to MURDER AT THE NEW VICARAGE except that it is set at a parish dinner.  5 possible culprits.

BRING ME MY SPEAR   7F + 1 inspector (m or f)
A similar story to the full play-script of the same name.  Set at a Ladies' dinner.
3 possible culprits.

SO WE MEET AGAIN 3M/3F + 1 teenager (m or f)  + 1 inspector (m or f)
Set at an old school reunion, where old passions and jealousies resurface and lead to
4 possible culprits.

HIT FOR SIX!  3M/3F + 1,2 or 3 Policemen (m or f)    
Set at an annual cricket club dinner where not everybody is "playing the game!"
4 possible culprits.
Fully-scripted murder mystery stage plays for amateur groups
Enjoy the freedom of improvising your own dialogue.
The audience get to chat to the characters and guess who-dunnit at the end

Perfect for performing at functions, parties, dinners ... alongside a three-course meal
A Brief Format - a description of characters and setting costs ONLY £3;

The Full Format (with clues, motives, character histories) costs £30 for one performance, £40 for two, £50 for three.  This includes a licence for performance.   


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