Fully-scripted murder mystery stage plays for amateur groups
These stage plays are suitable for a drama group as they are fully scripted and require good ensemble playing for full effect. If you have a shortage of men the inspector/PC can usually (not in every play) be played by women, or could even be played by the "victim"!  And the PC is usually non-speaking.

Scripts cost £12 to read and you will be sent one copy by email with permission to copy up to six more.  Pay by PayPal or cheque.
A hard copy of the script will cost an extra £2 P&P.

A performance licence costs £35 for each performance.         


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Fully Scripted Stage Plays
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Set in the kitchen of a hall before, during & after a local WI meeting.

Is a woman's place in the home?
Should trifle have jelly in it?

- just two of the deadly serious issues explored in this play!

13F (or 10F + 3M)
Some doubling possible

Four possible endings

Westoning Players performing  "More Deadly Than . . ."  at Stewartby Village Hall for Beds County WI in 2001

recent productions incl:
Wilbury Hills, Letchworth
Ro-Co, Roundhay Leeds

Takes place on the final night of a small town drama festival.

A murder is committed and no-one can find out who has won best actress! 

6F (1 teen)  +  6M (1 teen)

Three possible endings
Westoning Players performing Murder Backstage at Westoning Village Hall in 2004
recent productions incl:
Grangewood Players, Northampton
St Martins, Bexley Heath
Westoning Players perform "Out for a Duck" in 2011

recent productions incl:
Swanage Bowls Club
Todmorden Cricket Club

Crondall Entertainers, Hants
Gosforth, Newcastle

Although set at a pavilion before a cricket match, this could be set at a Bowls or Golf club, with minor alterations to the script.

A motley crew of people are gathered on a sunny afternoon to take part in or watch a local match, but there's more on their minds than just the game.

5F  +  4M     +  1 PC (M/F non-speaking)

Four possible endings
Burton Bradstock - January 2017
Recent  productions include
Fairfield Players, Hitchin
Burton Bradstock Players, Dorset  (x4 performances)
Capel Memorial Hall, Dorking

Feedback Quotes: …

"Both performances went brilliantly. 
Really pleased and we had capacity enthusiastic audiences both nights"  (Purley)

"Your whole approach was friendly and supportive; thank you"   (Carpenders Park)
The vicar is holding a meeting about whether to allow the church to hold fund-raising events.

Skeletons are un-earthed and tempers are roused until one committee member meets an untimely end!

6F + 4M + 1 inspector (M/F) + 1 PC (M/F)
Four possible endings
Set in the lobby of a hall before, during & after a summer treasure hunt & barbecue.

A clash of personalities between the helpers reaches explosion point, and the caretaker doesn't help matters!

(6F of which one teenage; 6M of which one teenage)
Westoning Players performing BBQs R Murder at Westoning Village Hall in 2003
recent productions include:
Wilstead Players, Bedford
Purley  Players, Surrey
Carpenders Park Church, Watford
Stapleton Holy Trinity, Bristol

"Performance went very well. The audience enjoyed it and we all enjoyed performing it too."  (Hanham)
"A brilliant show … had some great feedback"  (Cheddington)
A WI murder mystery, this time set at a County Federation meeting.
The ladies are setting up some stalls in a side room but the treasurer and chairman keep trying to interfere.  Long-forgotten passions surface when the speaker finally arrives and other secrets are uncovered.
( 6F; 3M or F).
Three possible endings
Wilstead Players' performing
Deadlier Still in 2007

  Recent productions inc:
Purley Players, Surrey
Curtain Call, Eaton Bray, Dunstable
RoCo, Roundhay, Leeds
Wilstead, Bedford

(Full script)
An even more interactive entertainment, set at a ladies' dinner. Alcohol loosens tongues and tempers!

7F  +  1 inspector (M/F) + 1 PC (M/F)

Three possible endings
Recent productions inc:
Fairfield Players, Hitchin
West Linton, Edinburgh


"So good … we will almost certainly do another one next year!"  (Fairfield)

Westoning Players performing 'It's Never Too Late' in 2008 for Beds County WI
(then called So We Meet Again)
Recently revised from a previous script and now ready
Recently revised from a previous script and now ready
When old school friends meet again after several decades, long-forgotten passions and jealousies surface.  The audience can join in the fun as part of the school reunion

4F  +  5M  +  2M/F(one teen/20s; one PC with lines)

Four possible endings

Westoning Players performing 'It's Never Too Late' in 2008 for Beds County WI
(then called So We Meet Again)
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